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Prof. (Dr.) W. Selvamurthy

Prof. (Dr.) W. Selvamurthy

Dr. W. Selvamurthy is presently working with Amity University as President, Amity Science, Technology and Innovation Foundation, Director General for Amity Directorate of Science and Innovation and Chair Professor for Life Sciences. He is also designated as the Chancellor, Amity University, Chhattisgarh.

Dr. Selvamurthy did his Masters (M.Sc.) in Human Physiology from Christian Medical College, Vellore (1972) and Doctorate (Ph.D) (Faculty of Medical Science) from Delhi University (1982) and Doctorate of Science (D.Sc.) from Bangalore (2006). He was also awarded D.Sc. (h.c) from five universities in recognition of his outstanding research and development contributions in Life Sciences.

Dr. Selvamurthy has served Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Government of India for 40 years in which, all the health related life science research technologies were developed and inducted in the Armed Forces for keeping the health and efficiency of soldiers even in extreme operational environments. This biomedical research immensely benefited the Armed Force personnel and gave a lot of spin off benefits to the society at large. His R&D contributions include development of life support technologies for soldiers, NBC Defence Technology, Nano Technology Application for Defence, Application of yoga for the Armed Forces, Military psychology and others. He was the leader of the first Indo-Soviet scientific expedition to the Arctic Circle for polar physiology research. He superannuated from DRDO on 28 February, 2013 as Chief Controller, Research & Development (Life Sciences & International Cooperation).

Dr. Selvamurthy was closely associated with Department of Science and Technology (DST) for the promotion of health related research. He was Chairman of PAC in DST in the field of Health Sciences for International Co-operation with many countries for more than a decade. He was also the Area Co-ordinator for Biomedical technology under ILTP programme with Russia. Heis steering the proposal for iconic flagship programme on health at the India-European UnionGSO meeting at Delhi and also in Brussels.

He is presently member of the Scientific Advisory Committee to Cabinet (SAC-C), particularlyin the field of Life Science, including health research. He is the Chairman of ProgrammeManagement Board in the Society for Bio-medical Technology. He is a member of the HighPowered Committee appointed by ICMR to review its 12th plan proposal. He is also an expertmember in the Department of Biotechnology, ICMR and CSIR. He has been a member of theIndian delegation to World Health Assembly under the Chairmanship of Health Minister tospeak about the complimentary systems of medicine including Yoga. He has represented ourcountry at the Organization for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) at the conference ofSate Parties, Executive Council, Working Group and Confidentiality Commission. TIFAC hasentrusted the responsibility of Technology Vision (Health) – 2035 to Dr. Selvamurthy asChairman to formulate Vision for the Nation for Health & Medical Sciences till the year 2035.

In recognition of his significant contribution to Biomedical research and development, he hasbeen awarded a number of prestigious research awards, including CSIR "National Award forS&T Innovations" presented by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India (2012), Academician MirsaidMirrakhimov award for "Contribution to High Altitude Medicine" from Kyrgyz Republic (2012),"Technology Leadership Award" by DRDO (2010) presented by Defence Minister, LifetimeAchievement Award from Hon'ble President of India in the field of Clinical and PreventiveCardiology (2006), ICMR Shakuntala Amir Chand Award (1986) and more.

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