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About Us

Advanced Research Publications is an academic publishing company renowned for its innovations in the fields of independent publishing, creative curation and worldwide service.

Founded in 2014, ADR has published more than 80 Journals on the subjects of Medicine, Management, Technology, Science, Arts, MCA, Health, Pharmacy, Nursing and Education. It was built on the principle of being a one-stop shop and of making life easier for librarians, authors and academicians alike through:

  • High-quality publishing
  • Timely delivery
  • Providing maximum value for the reader

Currently, ADR is looking to unleash cutting-edge ideas, the finest practices and out-of-the-box thinking in all formats through its publications and distributions. By subscribing to its revolutionary service, you will get a number of benefits, including the following:

  • Expert assistance in the accumulation of international journals that meet your requirements
  • Complimentary publication solutions for your researchers and faculty
  • Knowledge Partner collaboration for your upcoming conferences, workshops and seminars at no extra cost
  • Free publication vouchers to the presenters of the best papers at a Knowledge Partner event

Additionally, if you subscribe to more than 50 foreign journals from ADR, you willl be provided with complimentary KOHA setup and maintenance for your entire subscription period.

Rest assured that whatever your needs, you will find top-class services and competitive pricing with ADR. Reach out today if youare just as committed to all aspects of publishing, authorship and readership as we are.

We believe in commitment, competitive pricing and offering you excellent service.

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