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About Us

Advanced Research Publications was established in the year 2013. Headquartered in Ghaziabad, ADR Publications publishes quality peer-reviewed journals both print and online to enhance research and assist our valued customers in accessing relevant research and information quickly and easily, wherever they are.

In alliance with global authors, including leading scientists and researchers, as well as scholars and professionals working at the summit of their fields, we are geared towards publishing scholarly journals in all inter-related disciplines of science, arts, health and education.

A technological professional begins his/ her journey with us at the undergraduate level and a medical professional at postgraduate level, thus beginning a life-long association exchanging ideas for the betterment of society, industries and businesses. We form a fast-growing publisher of journals, a trusted name among those who seek to enhance education and provide innovative solutions for current problems in varied fields keeping an eye on future challenges and issues. 

We publish more than 80 journals. We are foraying into the field of book publishing. Committed to make our presence felt at every conference, we aim at creating a network  of leaders in every scholarly field. Digital distribution is our key feature, making our journals easily accessible anywhere in the world. Those associated with us have a trust in our quality of content, design and aim relevant to them as well as value for money.

ADR Publications and Distributions Private Limited is an academic publishing company renowned for its innovations in the fields of independent publishing, creative curation and worldwide distribution services.

We provide excellent distribution services of not only national but also international journals published anywhere in the world, we understand the importance of timely delivery and providing maximum value for the reader.

In addition to being dedicated to distributing both national and international journals around the globe so that greatest number of people can enjoy them, ADR Publications’ distribution service is built on the principle of being a ONE-STOP-SHOP and making life easier for librarians, authors and academics alike.

ADR Publications’ Distribution is the division which takes care of each requirement of the libraries/institutions and ensures on-time delivery of books/ journals from all over the world to our customers. We provide fast distribution and customer service.

Thus, our Distribution Service is a one-stop-shop for BOOKS, MAGAZINES & JOURNALS in all domains from all the corners of the globe.

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