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Types of Articles Published

Types of Articles Published

Articlesother than research articles (details regarding the structure of a research article have been mentioned in the previous tab) that are frequently published in our journals include, but are not limited to, the following:

Editorial: Short, invited opinion pieces that address a topic of immediate concern to the clinical and scientific communities are welcome in this area. An editorial should not exceed a word count of 1000 words. It should not contain any abstract, figures, or tables and generally does not have more than five references.

Review Article: Instead of presenting original research, this provides a summary of the current level of knowledge on a subject by summarising findings from several research publications. It includes an unstructured abstract, keywords, an introduction, additional headings that the author deems appropriate, a conclusion, and references.

Case Report: This includes a detailed examination of a single subject, which could be a person, thing, or event. It has an unstructured abstract, keywords, introduction, case description (including the clinical history and symptoms), discussion, conclusion, and references.

Perspective: This offers a fresh perspective on an issue or idea, a novel theory based on pre-existing ones, or potential implications of a recent discovery or innovation. Abstract and keywords are not required in this kind of article. It might include headings if the author deems them relevant.