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Open Access Policy

Advanced Research Publication’s Medical and Nursing Journals are pleased to offer you the opportunity to publish your articles in an open-access format. This implies that anyone, anywhere, at any time, on the internet will be able to freely view your article both now and in the future.

Each and every open-access article passes stringent editorial, production, and peer-review processes. An exclusive licence agreement, whereby the publisher receives first publishing rights to your article while you, the author, retain the copyright, must be signed.

The CC BY-NC Licence, which allows for non-commercial remixing, modification, and expansion of the work, is used for publication. The parties are free to license their derivative works under different terms, but their new works must be non-commercial and should credit the original publication. Authors have had unrestricted use of their copyright and complete publishing rights since 2012. They can make their published work available to other parties by providing a DOI link to the published version of their work on our website. Trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property (including research data) are owned by the writers. They receive credit for the published article.

Author’s Rights

Authors may provide a DOI link to the online version of the article to enable third parties to access their published articles. As mentioned before, trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property (including research data) are owned by the writers, and they receive credit for their published articles. The authors can:

  • Incorporate the article into a thesis or dissertation
  • Use portions or quotes again for non-profit educational purposes, including publishing on their own website

Note: The journals for the other domains, such as environmental science, engineering, management, social science, and pharmacy, are not open-access. They are subscription-based and have restricted access.