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Corrections and Retractions

If a correction is required, the journal will adhere to the following standards:

  • To ensure correct indexing, a correction notice would be published as quickly as possible on an electronic or numbered print page that is included in an electronic or print Table of Contents, outlining changes from and citing the original publication.
  • A revised version of the article will be published, detailing the modifications made from the first draft and the date(s) of those changes.
  • The articles' earlier submissions (via the OJS) would all be archived by Advanced Research Publications.
  • The fact that there are more recent versions of the item would have to be mentioned in earlier electronic versions.
  • The most current version should be cited.

The editor is the only person with the authority to make a decision related to the expression of concern and retraction of an article on the basis of COPE Flowcharts, if scientific misconduct is alleged.