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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is ARP?
Ans: ARP stands for Advanced Research Publications. ARP is publishing 100+ titles. Our journal encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects, including Technology, Science, Arts, Education, Pharmacy, Nursing, Medical and Management.

2. Are your Journals Open Access?
Ans: Our Medical and Nursing Journals are open access, while others require log-in credentials/registration for access.

3. What types of papers does your journal accept? And how can I submit my research paper to your journal?
Ans: We invite submissions of research articles, reviews, case studies, short communications, editorials, and viewpoint pieces. Submit your paper through our online submission system. Comprehensive instructions are available on the "Submission Guidelines" page.

4. How long does the peer-review process typically take?
Ans: The peer-review process usually spans 30-60 days, subject to variations based on several factors.

5. Do you charge for Publication/ Processing of the manuscripts?
Ans: There are processing fees for our medical and nursing journals, which can be obtained from our team through or +919810116442. There is no processing fee in any other journal except the DOI and plagiarism checking charges.

6. What is a DOI?
Ans: A Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string assigned to your article by a US-based organization. It enhances global visibility, citation, and indexing in international databases.

7. Can I track the status of my submitted Manuscript?
Ans: Yes, you can track the status of your submitted manuscript through your login credentials generated by our online journal system (OJS).

8. Are there any specific formatting guidelines for manuscript submissions?
Ans: Yes, detailed formatting guidelines are provided in the "Author Guidelines" section, covering publication details, preferred citation, word limit, and a manuscript template.

9. Will authors receive a publication certificate?
Ans: ARP provides E-certificates to authors once the article is published.

10.How can we obtain a print copy of the journal where our paper is published?
Ans: Print copy is available on payment. The Article Processing Charges (APC) do not include the cost of a print copy. For medical and nursing journals, the cost of the print copy is INR 1400 (black and white), and for other journals, the cost is INR 1000 (black and white).

11.Do you accept papers that have been previously presented at conferences?
Ans: Yes, we accept conference-presented papers, as long as they have not been published elsewhere and in Modified language.

12.Is it allowed to publish more than one paper in a single issue?
Ans: No, only one paper from an author is published in an issue.

13.What is your policy regarding withdrawals?
Ans: ARP does not prefer the withdrawal of manuscripts after the submission of Open Access License Agreement/Copyright Forms. Please refer to our withdrawal policy for further details.

14.Is there any fee associated with withdrawing a manuscript?
Ans: ARP does not prefer the withdrawal of manuscripts after the submission of Open Access License Agreement/Copyright Forms. In case of genuine and valid reasons, please contact the journal administrator for further details.

15.How can I subscribe to receive updates or notifications about new publications?
Ans: Subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage or create an account for personalized notifications.

16.Is it possible to publish books through Advanced Research Publications (ARP)?
Ans: Yes, ARP has a collaboration with Century Publications for the publication of books.

17.Can we obtain ISBNs for our published books?
Ans: Yes, ARP has a collaboration with Century Publications and can provide ISBNs for books.

18.Do you offer assistance with thesis writing or project development?
Ans: Yes, ARP offers services for Thesis writing and Project reports. We help the researchers in drafting manuscripts from thesis and project reports as well.

19.Is support provided for plagiarism removal?
Ans: Yes, ARP provides services for plagiarism removal. The charges for this service depend on the number of pages of the document. Please drop an e-mail to for more details.

20.Do you publish special issues?
Ans: Yes, ARP provides a platform for the publication of special issues. A minimum of 10 papers of the highest quality among all the presented papers are needed for publication in the special issue of a journal.

21.Is there an option to publish proceedings?
Ans: Yes, ARP has a collaboration with Century Publications for publishing proceedings.

22.Do you organize workshops or conferences?
Ans: Currently, we do not organize workshops/conferences, but we are working on a model for e-conferences/e-workshops through Advanced Research Learning Solutions.

23.What are the subscription charges?
Ans: The Subscription charges are variable from title to title so you are requested to access the detailed information through ----------------------

24.Do you engage in supplying journals from other publishers?
Ans: Yes, we do in the specific areas of Medical and Dental.

25.Are there any additional benefits for librarians associated with your services?
Ans: We are publishing two Journals in Library Science and will be glad to support our associated Librarians in publication of their work at no cost.

26.What is the payment process for subscribing to ARP journals?
Ans: We are open for receiving the payment through Cheque/ DD/ NEFT/ RTGS and phone apps as well.