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Frequently Asked Questions

Publication FAQ’s

1 - What is ADR?
Ans: ADR stands for Advanced Research Publications.

2 - Are your Journals Open Access?
Ans: Our Medical and Pharmacy Journals are open access and rest others are accessible through log in credentials/ registration.

3 – What is a DOI?
Ans: A digital object identifier (DOI) is a unique alphanumeric string allotted to your article by a US based organization. It helps in global visibility, higher citation and indexing of the published content in international data base.

4 – You are providing DOI through which organization?
Ans: We are in collaboration with crossref and allotting DOI’s only through crossref.

5 - Why should we subscribe DOI for our articles?
Ans: It helps in global visibility, higher citation and indexing of the published content in international Data base.

6 - Are your Journals UGC Approved?
Ans: Our Journals are not in the list of UGC but they are all peer reviewed which is accepted by UGC.

7 – Certification to authors?
Ans: We are providing e-certificate to all authors after release of the online issue. In case you need the print copy then need to subscribe the Journals print in which your article is published and avail free certificate in print format.

8 – Do you charge for Publication/ Processing of the manuscripts?
Ans: There is a processing fees of Rs. 2000/- per paper in all Medical/ Nursing Journals and Rs. 1000/- per paper for the DOI to all the articles in any of the ADR Journals.

9 – Is there any waiver for the Processing Fees?
Ans: We generally do not waive the processing fees but yes if you have contributed 3 papers at cost in a year then for the 4 paper there will be no processing fees.

10 – What is the cost for Authors Copy?
Ans: Authors have to pay Rs. 1000 for the print copy and a complimentary certificate with it.

11- When we submit paper in ADR then what are the basic requirements for submission?
Ans: Kindly submit your paper with a cover letter to the editor, your contact information with the current affiliation, your orcid id, references in Vancouver style, scanned copyright form, article in single column in word format.

12 – Can we buy colored print copy of the Journal?
Ans: Yes you may but the cost will be Rs. 1500 and it will be printed only if the author orders it in advance.

FAQ’s for the Subscribers

1 - What is ADR?
Ans: ADR stands for Advanced Research Publications.

2 - What Services does ADR offer?
Ans: ADR publishes Journals and is a distributor of National & International Journals and Books.

3 - On what subjects, ADR can provide Journals?
Ans: We can offer Journals on  Arts and Literature, Astronomy, Biological Sciences, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer and Information Science, Earth Sciences, Economics,Education, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Humanities,Law, Linguistics, Materials Science, Mathematics, Medicine, Management Science, Philosophy, Physics,Psychology, Social Sciences and Sports and Recreation.

4 - Does ADR provide National & International Journals of Other Publishers?
Ans: YES

5 - How do we place an order with ADR?
Ans: Kindly drop an email at

6 - Are your prices economical?
Ans: We can just say that try ADR prices, compare with the Market and then place the order to ADR.

7 - How can we make payment for our order?
Ans: You may make the payment through NEFT/ Cheque/ DD towards ADR Publications & Distributions Pvt. Ltd.

8 - What are the delivery charges?
Ans: Our Prices/ Quotes are inclusive of the deliveries within Indian boundaries.

9 - How long will it take to receive our first issue?
Ans: 1-2 months from the date of payment made.

10 - How many Journals do you have?
Ans: ADR is publishing approx 88 titles and can supply ALL Journals from ALL Publishers with no barriers.

11 - How a Library can place their order?
Ans: Libraries have to write to us at or

12 - Do you also provide Journals to Corporate Houses?
Ans: YES we do, please share the list of your requirements.

13 - How can we give advertisement in the ADR Journals?
Ans: Kindly write to us at

14 - Are there any vacancies in ADR?
Ans: Kindly drop your CV’s at and we will come back to you whenever we have any relevant openings for you.

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