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Withdrawal Policy

Advanced Research Publications is committed to raising the standard of papers using processes such as plagiarism check, review, copyediting, and formatting. Our team puts in endless efforts to achieve this goal. Therefore, if an item is withdrawn in the midst of its processing, it is very discouraging. We work hard to make the publishing process as convenient as possible for authors, and in exchange, we expect them to abide by all ethical guidelines. We adhere to the following policy for the withdrawal of articles:

Within ten working days from the article's submission date, the author will receive an update on the result of the plagiarism check of the article. Once the article is found to be free of plagiarised text, the author will be requested to share the Open Access Licence Form (for medical and nursing journals) and Copyright Form (for journals of domains other than medical and nursing) with us and to make the payment for the Article Processing Charges (in the case of medical journals).

Article withdrawals from a medical or nursing journal following the submission of the Open Access Licence Form are not permitted. For domains other than medical and nursing, a request for withdrawal of an article will be considered only if received within 15 days from the date of submission of the article or before the receipt of the copyright form, whichever is earlier. An article may be withdrawn if it is determined that the reason for the withdrawal is valid. However, if the payment has been made for the Article Processing Charges, it will not be reimbursed. Details of published articles that are withdrawn or retracted for valid reasons will be posted on our website.