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Misconduct Allegation Policy

Before submitting the manuscript, authors are requested to thoroughly read the journal's ethical standards and author guidelines and to abide by them.
A peer-reviewed article that has been published may be the subject of a report of research misconduct. The following steps should be taken in a sensitive and confidential manner when handling reports of author misconduct:

  1. An e-mail should be sent to in order to file a complaint about research misconduct.
  2. The complainant must specify the exact nature and specifics of the misbehavior; for instance, if plagiarism is suspected, the original and suspected articles must be explicitly cited, and the copied paragraph must be marked.
  3. A probe will be carried out, and correspondence between the journal's editor and the corresponding author(s) of the alleged paper will occur during this period.
  4. The relevant author(s) will be contacted to offer an explanation supported by any relevant proof and factual claims.
  5. Depending on the circumstances, the editorial office will take the following actions if the suspected article's author(s) accepts the misconduct complaint:

    a. A retraction or an erratum might be required to rectify the situation if the article has already been published. It should be kept in mind that there may be disagreements regarding the proper wording of the description.
    b. If the misbehavior is brought to light during the review process, the review may proceed with the author(s) making the necessary modifications.

  6. The item may be permanently withdrawn or rejected if no answer is received within the allotted period or if the explanation provided is inadequate. Experts from the pertinent institution or other authorities as needed would be consulted before a decision is made.
  7. Following the resolution of the matter, the complainant will be notified of the result.
  8. At that point, the complaint case will be deemed resolved.

Privacy Statement
The email addresses and names entered on the journal's website will only be used to further the goals of this publication; they will not be shared with outside parties or used for any other reason.