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A Textbook for Health Worker & Auxiilary Nurse Midwife

Book Edition : 3rd
Book Author 1 : Dr. Jugal Kishore
Book ISBN : 978-8188132-62-1
Book Publisher : Century Publications
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About the book

"Book is written in simple language with illustration and pictures for Auxiliary Nurse Midwife, health worker, basic nursing, sanitary inspector, lab technicians, NGOs workers. Contents of the book are: Introduction of Human Body, Home Nursing, First Aid, Concepts of community Health, Fundamentals of Epidemiology, Immunity, Hygiene, Environmental Health, Biomedical Waste Management, Air-borne Diseases, Contact Diseases, Blood-borne Infections, Water and Food-borne Diseases, Zoonoses, Vector-borne Diseases, Emerging and Reemerging Infections, Tuberculosis, Non Communicable Diseases, Home Visiting, Population Health, Reproductive and Child Health, Nutrition, Mental Health, School Health, Communication and Health Education, Social Welfare.

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