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Comprehensive Textbook of Elderly Care

Book Edition : 1st
Book Author 1 : Dr Amarjeet Singh
Book Author 2 : Dr Sukhpal Kaur
Book Author 3 : Dr Jugal Kishore
Book ISBN : 978-81-88132-52-2
Book Publisher : Century Publications
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About the book

Many books are available in the market on 'old age' or 'elderly'. Most of these are sociological analyses of the situation of elderly. Many do not go beyond the study of some old age homes. Some are based on the PhD theses on this book subject by the lead authors. These book does not fit in either of these stereotyped categories. Rather, it has deliberately adopted a mixed approach. Most of its leading contributors are from two apex medical institutions of India (PGIMER Chandigarh ; MAMC, New Delhi). So, Naturally, its main focus is on addressing various medical problems of the elderly. But the unique feature our book is incorporation of other angles of elderly care also. The book touches upon the 'Health Promotion' aspects of elderly care too ! It discusses the concept of 'An Elderly friendly City'. It also covers 'Insurance Schemes of Elderly'. It deals with the issue of 'social Support for Elderly' as well as with 'Elderly Abuse'. A problem solving approach has also been attempted. There are chapter like ' Stress & Coping Strategies for Eldery'. The book also critically analyzes the governments efforts on elderly welfare. Special problems of bedridden Elderly are also been illustrated.