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Handbook of Forensic Odontology- Paper Back

Book Edition : 1st
Book Author 1 : Dr. Aman Chowdhry
Book ISBN : 978-81-88132-84-3
Book Publisher : Century Publications
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About the book

'What a nightmare... bodies as of negroes-blackened; heads carbonised; shrunk and reduced to nothing, but only the teeth remained'.

 -Dr. Oscar Amoedo (The Father of Forensic Dentistry)

The topic of forensic dentistry is rarely found in world's publishing. Because of mass disasters and criminal acts that often happen in all parts of the world today, the demand for knowledge and skills in forensic dentistry is high. That is why the education of our students and of our colleagues on the field is extremely important. This book is very important for every person who is interested in forensic sciences not only in India, but also worldwide. I recommend reading it, or even better, adding it to your personal library.


Prof. Hrvoje Brkic, University of Zagreb, School of Dental Medicine

President of International Organization of Forensic Odonto-Stomatology

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