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International Journal of Preventive Cardiology

International Journal of Preventive Cardiology
Official Publications : Advanced Research Publications
Published by: Advanced Research Publications
Classification: Medical Journal
Frequency: Biannual
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Bibliographic Information
Publishing Year: 2019
Origin: India
Language: English

About the journal

International Journal of Preventive Cardiology (IJoPC) is a peer-reviewed and an open access journal covering recent studies/ researches happening globally in preventive cardiology, playing a pivotal role in reducing the global burden of cardiovascular disease.

IJoPC  addresses the causes and prevention of cardiovascular disease, as well as cardiovascular rehabilitation and exercise physiology.

IntJoARGO  accept articles with scientific excellence in the form of (1) Original articles in basic and field research (2) Critical Reviews, (3) Surveys, (4) Case Studies, (5) Opinions/Correspondence/Letters to Editor (6)  Clinical Image articles etc.

Advanced Research Publications is in collaboration with Crossref and will be allotting DOI’s through the same for global recognition of the published content.

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