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Journal of Advanced Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Official Publications : Advanced Research Publications
Classification: Technology
Frequency: Biannual
ISSN-Print: 2394-7020
ISSN-Online: 2393-8307
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Bibliographic Information
IC Value: (2018) 58.94
Publishing Year: 2014
Origin: India
Language: English
Readership: Structural Engineers, Safety Regulations Authorities, Environmentalists, Construction Firms, Environment Consultants
Abstracting and Indexing Information: Index Copernicus International, ISA, Google Scholar, DRJI, ESJI, Jour informatics, SIS, BASE, IFSIJ, JSTOR, Infobase index, OAJI.  

About the journal

Journal of Advanced Research in Civil and Environmental Engineering is a peer reviewed Journal and it is devoted to the publication of original scientific research findings, methodological developments, and opinions in the form of original and review articles, brief reports, letters to the editor, proceedings of symposia, debates, etc. 

Focus & Scope:-

Civil Engineering in general and its allied areas, Information Technology applications in Civil Engineering,  Environmental Engineering, Structural Engineering, Planning and Management of the Construction of Structures, Safety Engineering, Materials Procurement, Budgeting & Cost Engineering, Building and Site Layout Surveys, Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems, Microstructure and Materials Properties, Materials and Structural Integrity, Highways & Transportation engineering, Project Organization and Management, Lifecycle Performance Engineering, Geometrics, Geosciences, Remote Sensing, Geographical Information systems, Intermodal Transportation Research, Critical Infrastructures, Hydraulics & Water power engineering, Hydrology Science and Technology, Flood modeling and its impacts, Flood risk management, Reliability and Safety issues in construction, The Built Environment and Asset Management, Surveying and other verticals, Railways Engineering, Collaborative Engineering, Strategic Engineering Asset Management, Concrete Mix Design, On Site Material Testing.