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Journal of Advanced Research in Dental & Oral Health

Official Publications : Advanced Research Publications
Classification: Medical Journal
Frequency: Biannual
ISSN-Online: 2456-141X
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Bibliographic Information
Publishing Year: 2016
Origin: India
Language: English
Abstracting and Indexing Information: ISA, Google Scholar, DRJI, ESJI, Jour informatics, SIS, BASE, IFSIJ, JSTOR, Infobase index, OAJI.

About the journal

Focus and Scope of JOARDOH:

Dental and Oral Health:

  • Dental indices
  • Diet and nutrition for oral health
  • Effects of dental filling
  • Effect of tooth brush on oral health
  • Fluorides for dentistry
  • Tooth sensitivity

Basic Dentistry:

  • Geriatric dentistry
  • Veterinary dentistry
  • Pediatric oral health care
  • Recent advances in dental and craniofacial biology
  • Oral health and dental hygiene in adolescents

Therapy and Treatment:

  • Oral cancer: Complications of therapy
  • A psycho physiological therapy for dental fear
  • Bacteriology and treatment of dental infections
  • Chemoradiation therapy: Effect on dental development
  • Contemporary orthodontic treatment modalities
  • Effects of methamphetamine drug on teeth
  • Oral manifestations and dental treatment in menopause
  • Tardive dyskinesia: Dental prosthetic therapy
  • The science and practice of caries prevention
  • The effects of periodontal treatment on diabetes

Current Concepts in Oral Health:

  • How can stem cells cure the oral health
  • Future trends in oral health and disease
  • Tobacco and oral diseases
  • DNA vaccines show promise in preventing dental caries
  • Cardiovascular disease and dentistry
  • Protein-mediated enamel mineralization
  • Measuring oral health and quality of life
  • Antimicrobial factors in saliva: Ontogeny and relation to oral health

Oral Health and Other Diseases:

  • Diet, nutrition, and dental diseases
  • How do metabolic syndromes effect oral health?
  • Osteoporosis and tooth decay
  • Dental erosion and upper gastrointestinal disorders
  • Dental infections and cardiovascular diseases
  • Relationship of dental and oral pathology to systemic illness
  • Occupational skin diseases in dental nurses and laboratory technicians

Dental and Oral Abnormalities:

  • Developmental defects of enamel in primary teeth: Prevalence and associated factors
  • Cavities and tooth decay
  • Oral and pharyngeal cancers
  • Drug-related dental destruction
  • Dental and periodontal infections
  • Genetic derangements
  • Occupational hazards in dentistry
  • Oral and craniofacial diseases

Tools and Techniques in Dentistry:

  • Forensic dentistry
  • Robotic and digital dentistry
  • Dental radiography/informatics
  • Laser applications for dental hygiene
  • Evolving instrumentations in dentistry
  • Dental implants and occlusal analysis
  • Imaging techniques for the craniofacial hard and soft tissues
  • Sustained-release delivery systems for treatment of dental diseases
  • Wear performance of dental ceramics after grinding and polishing treatments

Regulatory and Ethical Issues of Dentistry:

  • Dental practice management and marketing
  • Primary care and dental health education
  • Dental aesthetics/cosmetics
  • Dental epidemiology and public health
  • Organizations of oral health systems

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