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Journal of Advanced Research in Aeronautics and Space Science

Bibliographic Information

Official Publications : Advanced Research Publications
eISSN : 2454-8669
DOI Of Journal : 10.24321/2454.8669
Online: Quarterly ‍
Print: Bi-Annual
Publishing Since: 2014
Origin: India
Language: English

Scope of the Journal

The scope of the journal encompasses, but is not limited to, the following key areas:

Acoustics, space mission analysis, space robotics, aerospace, telecommunication, , pace exploration, space and planetary exploration, space plasmas in the solar system, ground and flight tests of aerospace systems, space environment and radiation effects, flight dynamics, flight simulation and operations, aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, structures and materials, structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, space materials and structures, planets and small bodies of the solar system, space energy, power and propulsion, ground and flight tests of aircraft, ground and flight tests of satellite, ground and flight tests of rocket, ground and flight tests of helicopter, ground and flight tests of air ship, ground and flight tests of missile, ground and flight tests of UAV, ground and space testing of space-borne instrumentation, airworthiness and maintenance, thermo-mechanics and reacting flows, low carbon manufacturing, plasmas and lasers, nano-application, small-/micro-/nano-satellite systems, combustion and propulsion, space tether systems, spacecraft and payload design, orbital dynamics, satellite attitude control, space debris, space communication and on-board hardware design, earth observation from space and data processing, Space Science, spacecraft design, orbital mechanics, space propulsion, space mission planning, space technology development, planetary science, astrobiology, space instrumentation, remote sensing, planets, moons, asteroids, comets, Satellite Systems and Applications, satellite design, communication systems, Earth observation, satellite navigation (GNSS), satellite remote sensing, satellite imaging, satellite-based meteorology, satellite-based monitoring of environmental phenomena, natural disasters, Aerospace Technologies, Innovations, innovative aerospace technologies, emerging trends, electric propulsion, hypersonic flight, advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, additive manufacturing (3D printing), autonomous systems, artificial intelligence (AI) applications in aerospace, next-generation air transportation systems (nextgen), Space Policy and Governance, space policy, governance, international collaboration, space law, space treaties, regulatory frameworks, ethical considerations, space commerce, space tourism, global initiatives, astronomy, astrophysics, Earth sciences, environmental sciences, materials science, robotics

Indexing Information: ISA, DRJI, ESJI, Jour informatics, SIS, BASE, IFSIJ, JSTOR, Infobase index, OAJI.

Journal of Advanced Research in Aeronautics and Space Science

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