Unleashing Research Potential
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ADR Publications has come up with innovative and insightful webinars and workshops to support schools that are progressive and dynamicto promote learning, physical-social-psychological well-being and provide motivation to empower the next generation.

Our renowned faculty members have designed advanced and creative, yet practical, and engaging learning, well-being and motivational webinars and workshops in order to inspire students to achieve academic success and become confident future leaders.

These webinars are designed to inculcate a mindset oriented towards success in young people. The seminars are tailored to the needs of the school keeping an eye on the factors that contribute to student well-being and academic achievement.

Away from age-old techniques of classroom learning these webinars are fun and interactiveas well as insightful. Here, young people would learn how to manage their time, relationships and emotions as well as the technique of self-motivation.

These programmes are best suited to the young minds who want to learn:

  • The best technique to utilize time
  • Self-motivation
  • Finding positive aspect in any situation
  • Creation of goals
  • Believing in their own potential
  • Choosing the best stream / career based on one’s own interests and inclination

With the vast world of options open to a student in the modern world, he / she can become what he / she wants. However, the plethora of options makes the process of choosing a course stream and eventually a career more difficult and more confusing.

Main factors that influence a student’s stream / career choice are parents, peers and popularity or current trend. However, everyone has a unique ability and recognising that is really crucial. A student may have a great aptitude in mathematics but may have an inclination and interest towards painting. So, what may be the best option?

One has to recognise one’s innate potential at the right moment to choose a dream while ensuring it brings not only recognition and success but also fulfils one’s interests and desires. Our workshops and webinars will greatly help you choose the right path greatly diminishing the chances of reconsidering it later in life.

Topic of workshops and seminars for school students are listed as follow:

  • Careers choice and development
  • Personality development
  • Examination stress management
  • Life skill education
  • Dealing with stress
  • Happy and Healthy life
  • Benefits of physical activities
  • Mental health / managing depression of students
  • Dealing with harmful habits
  • Understanding sexuality and reproduction
  • Menstrual hygiene
  • Dealing with adolescent health problems
  • Memorizing Equations, Formulae and Theorems
  • Easy techniques to learn periodic table
  • Developing mnemonics and acronyms for science
  • Learn to overcome English spelling mistakes
  • Speed reading techniques
  • Map pointing
  • Learning memory techniques to participate in national and world memory championships
Name Affiliation Area of Specialization
Dr. Surabhi Sethi Assistant Professor Department of Community Medicine North DMC Medical College and Hindu Rao Hospital. Climate Change and Human Health, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health, Communication Skills and Conflict Management, COVID-19

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