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Build Competence - Join our certification courses

Advanced Research Publications was established in the year 2014. ADR Publications’ research Journals enhance research and assist our valued customers in accessing relevant research and information quickly and easily, wherever they are. In the process, we came across various students and teaching professionals, wherein we realized the need to help them reach informed decisions and identify their own interest/ talent in a proven and methodical manner.

ADR Learning Solutions aims at providing guidance for an all-round personality development and career counselling to students. These workshops are aimed at not only solving their current roadblocks but also prepares them for a stronger stint when they begin their career. A variety of workshops, augmented by individual consultation will be organized. All offered Solutions are developed by renowned faculty in across a range of subjects using adult learning methodology.

ADR Learning Solutions workshops are designed to provide tools and techniques for practical capability enhancement of the audience.

Benefits of Joining ADR Learning Solutions

Focuses on providing emotional/ moral/ mental support to help one understand one’s own self, as well as work scope and trends, and reach an informed decision about career and education.

Assist in coping with a varied range of problems such as attention deficit and poor time management.

Provides a 360-degree life, skill and professional development by the virtue of being conducted/ facilitated by corporate and industry experts/ psychologists/ professionals in various fields.

Presents programs curated and created for various aspects of life/ professional development while ensuring complete confidentiality of the information and creating such an environment that would enhance problem sharing.

Our learning solutions are deigned to assist every individual in recognizing the obstacles he/ she might face through the course of his/ her career. This knowledge would well up the confidence in his/ her ability to overcome all obstacles and manifest best potential.

ADR Learning Solutions workshops will be conducted for groups and certificates will be provided. For individual assistance, we have developed e-course and certificate will be provided for attending the same.

A majority of our ADR Learning Solutions workshops are not stand alone – our solutions are based on the “Continuum Learning Approach”. We will make multiple tools/ resources available to the attendees for them to ease into the practical application of workshop concepts.

Ours is an all-in-one approach to provide counselling utilizing latest techniques and trends. It would help you know the best individual career choices, schools/ colleges/ institutes to be targeted, admission criteria and processes, which exams to take, curriculum, etc.

The ADR Learning Solutions workshops are helpful not only for those who are still in early phases of learning, that is, schooling till graduation and post-graduation but for those professionals as well who would prefer a change in the course of their career.

Why to Join ADR Learning Solutions?

In India, career building is like diving into an expansive ocean with innumerable institutes and universities offering courses across the globe. In the fierce competition, only the ones who apply the most methodical, logical approach succeed.

Choosing a field of study that is not in tune with the interests or skills of the person concerned could prove disastrous, and that’s where ADR Learning Solutions comes in. It would give you the right weapon to hit your target.

You have the potential, and ADR Learning Solutions will act as an enabler for you to recognize your latent and innermost talent and the career choice for your growth.

By acquiring our certification/s, you would see the doors opening to a whole new plethora of possibilities to manifest your own potential. Unlike general career counselling, our e-courses would allow you to learn at your own pace and convenient time.