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Journal of Advanced Research in Business Law and Technology Management

About The Journal

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Advanced Research in Business Law and Technology Management (JoARBLTM) is a scholarly platform dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of business law and technology management. It serves as a hub for researchers, academics, practitioners, policymakers, and students interested in exploring the intricate intersections between law, business, and technology.

The primary focus of JoARBLTM is to publish high-quality, original research that contributes to the theoretical development and practical application of legal frameworks within the context of modern business operations and technological advancements. The journal welcomes contributions from various disciplinary perspectives, including law, business administration, management, economics, information technology, and related fields.

Focus of the Journal

The scope of JoARBLTM encompasses, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  1. Business Law and Regulations:
    • Corporate governance
    • Contract law
    • Commercial law
    • Intellectual property law
    • Antitrust and competition law
    • Regulatory compliance
    • International trade law
    • Employment law
    • Environmental law
  2. Technology Management:
    • Innovation management
    • Technology adoption and diffusion
    • Digital transformation
    • Technology entrepreneurship
    • Intellectual property management
    • Cybersecurity and data privacy
    • Technology strategy
    • Emerging technologies (e.g., blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things)
  3. Legal and Ethical Implications of Technology:
    • Privacy and data protection
    • Cybercrime and digital forensics
    • Ethical considerations in technology development and deployment
    • Legal challenges posed by emerging technologies
    • Regulation of emerging technologies
    • Liability issues in the use of technology
  4. Interdisciplinary Perspectives:
    • Intersection of law, business, and technology
    • Economic analysis of legal issues
    • Policy implications of technological innovations
    • Social and ethical impacts of legal and technological developments

The journal welcomes empirical studies, theoretical analyses, case studies, literature reviews, and conceptual papers that offer novel insights, critical perspectives, and practical implications for researchers and practitioners in the field. Additionally, JoARBLTM encourages interdisciplinary collaborations and cross-disciplinary research that bridge the gap between law, business, and technology.

By providing a platform for rigorous academic inquiry and scholarly debate, JoARBLTM aims to foster a deeper understanding of the complex relationships between law, business, and technology and to facilitate the development of innovative solutions to contemporary challenges in the global business environment.


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Privacy Statement

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