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Journal of Advanced Research in Public Policy and Administration

About The Journal

Scope of the Journal

The Journal of Advanced Research in Public Policy and Administration (JoARPPA) is a peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to advancing the understanding and practice of public policy and administration. It serves as a platform for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, and students to engage in rigorous research, critical analysis, and innovative thinking on contemporary issues in the field.

Focus of the Journal

  1. Public Policy Analysis: JoARPPA publishes original research articles, theoretical discussions, and empirical studies that analyze various aspects of public policies at local, national, and international levels. This includes policy formulation, implementation, evaluation, and impact assessment across diverse policy domains such as healthcare, education, environmental sustainability, social welfare, and economic development.
  2. Administrative Theory and Practice: The journal welcomes contributions that explore theoretical frameworks, models, and paradigms relevant to public administration and governance. It also encourages empirical investigations into administrative processes, organizational behavior, leadership, public service delivery, bureaucratic accountability, and innovation in public sector management.
  3. Policy Making and Decision-Making Processes: JoARPPA provides a forum for examining the complexities of policy-making and decision-making processes within governmental institutions, non-profit organizations, and international agencies. Articles in this area may address issues related to policy advocacy, agenda setting, coalition building, stakeholder engagement, policy networks, and the role of technology in governance.
  4. Comparative and Cross-Cultural Perspectives: The journal promotes comparative and cross-cultural research that sheds light on the similarities and differences in public policies, administrative systems, and governance practices across different countries, regions, and cultures. Such studies contribute to our understanding of the global challenges facing contemporary societies and the diverse strategies adopted to address them.
  5. Policy Responses to Emerging Challenges: JoARPPA encourages scholarship on emerging challenges and trends shaping the public policy landscape, including but not limited to globalization, technological advancements, demographic changes, urbanization, climate change, pandemics, and geopolitical shifts. Articles in this category may explore innovative policy solutions, best practices, and lessons learned from policy experiments and case studies.
  6. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Public Policy and Administration: The journal welcomes interdisciplinary research that draws on insights from fields such as political science, economics, sociology, psychology, law, public health, environmental science, information technology, and management studies. Interdisciplinary perspectives enrich our understanding of complex policy problems and enhance the effectiveness of policy interventions.

Authors interested in submitting their work to JoARPPA are encouraged to consult the journal's website for detailed guidelines regarding manuscript preparation, submission procedures, peer review process, and publication policies. Submissions should adhere to the highest standards of scholarly integrity and contribute significantly to the advancement of knowledge in the field of public policy and administration.
The Journal of Advanced Research in Public Policy and Administration (JoARPPA) aims to foster intellectual exchange, promote evidence-based policymaking, and facilitate collaboration among researchers, practitioners, and policymakers worldwide. By publishing high-quality research that addresses pressing societal challenges, JoARPPA strives to inform public debates, influence policy decisions, and contribute to the betterment of society.


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Privacy Statement

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