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Journal of Advanced Research in Service Management

Bibliographic Information

Official Publications : Advanced Research Publications
Frequency: Bi-Annual
Publishing Since: 2014
Origin: India
Language: English

Scope of the Journal:

The Journal of Advanced Research in Service Management (JoARSM) is a leading scholarly publication committed to promoting excellence in service management research. Founded on the principles of academic rigor, innovation, and relevance, JoARSM provides a platform for researchers, academicians, practitioners, and policymakers to disseminate their findings, exchange ideas, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of service management.

With an international editorial board comprising eminent scholars and practitioners from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, JoARSM maintains high standards of peer review and editorial quality to ensure the publication of high-impact research that informs theory, shapes practice, and influences policy in the field of service management.

Published biannually, JoARSM welcomes contributions from scholars and practitioners worldwide and invites submissions that demonstrate theoretical rigor, methodological robustness, and practical relevance. Through its commitment to fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and facilitating knowledge exchange, JoARSM aims to serve as a catalyst for innovation and excellence in service management research and practice.

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